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From its base in Glomfjord, Terje Halsan AS has for over 60 years been a solid, versatile and reliable contractor in transport and construction work. With its rich machine park and long experience, the staff has always been an important supplier to the companies in Glomfjord Industrial Park, but also to business and private individuals throughout the Meløy region.

historikk 01-min.jpg

Materials were lifted to the mountains with the chairlift, before Terje Halsan took them to Øvre Glomvann and dam construction, with a tracked vehicle and sled. In the picture, we see from the left a 6-7 year old Christian, grandfather Aksel, caretaker Bjørkan and Terje Halsan.

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Kristen behind the levers in the excavator - only 4 years old - father Terje is keeping a close eye. Here, father and son dig out a plot for what would become Glomfjord's own swimming pool. It was so soft in the plot that the truck had to be driven on wooden boards when the mass was to be taken out.

- A local business manager once said to me: ‘Kristen, you have a shorter response time than the ambulance!’ chuckles the general manager and owner Kristen Halsan (b. 1954).
He shows the long quote in glass and frame on the wall in the office premises, which begins as follows: ‘A customer is the most important person in this company - whether he comes to visit, writes to us or contacts by telephone'.
- Everyone in this company should be aware of this, always. And if we are unlucky and arrive too late, we need to let them know. I know myself how expensive and annoying it is to take a machine out of operation for repair, and then the serviceman does not come when he has agreed! Our customer's time is precious, and we do not waste it, Kristen states.

Grandfather Aksel was a melter in Glomfjord during the interwar period, and was for a long time the longest-serving leader in Haugvik Industriarbeiderforening's so far over 100 years long history. Kristen's father, Terje (1925-2012), started working early with horses and sleighs, and became a young founder of his own business, only 22 years old. The need for transport assignments was great when the village got a fertilizer factory, and later plots were to be dug for swimming pools, new factory buildings, a new shop and school, to name a few. Terje acquired a truck, excavator and bulldozer. And while loading the manure boats, he and the staff were responsible for the so-called trimming, in the cargo holds.

And when Norsk Hydro built and operated the local community Glomfjord, with both site excavation, road construction, mass relocation and clearing, Terje and his men were brought in. The company employed 7-8 people, but far more than doubled in the early 1960s - when the rock masses were to be transported out during the operation of the Fykan tunnel. Terje led the troops out - Gunvor kept track of the office work.

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Plowing in large and small has always been Halsan's specialty. Here, Fjellveien is milled until Easter in 2005. The photo was taken at the upper tunnel opening before ‘Synken’, and was used in a local newspaper. The top of the plow edges measured 8.25 meters, and this was the 17th of April…

- I never even thought about the idea that I should do something other than be part of the company, says son Kristen.
- In all the years I have enjoyed this work very much. I meet an incredible number of good people, and there are new things to tackle all the time. The teacher at the machine-operating school said I should work as an instructor myself, but I never considered anything other than coming home and working with my dad.
Because he had been with Terje at work, high and low, long before his own school age. And since his father gradually withdrew from the business due to his health, when he was in his late 50s, Kristen was given early leadership responsibilities and tasks. From 1986, the company was run as Terje Halsan AS, and Kristen eventually became the sole owner.

historikk 04-min.jpg

Small and large assignments in connection with the Svartisen development in the 1980s. Here Kristen is himself in place to lift out the 2-300 kilo heavy gearbox on a helicopter. After the repair, Kristen refused to test drive, while the mechanic, he HAD to. The trip went well, Kristen smiles.

historikk 05-min.jpg

Specialists in transport. The 5 meter wide acid tank is cut in two, but still towers well. Kristen is behind the wheel when the transport assignment is carried out from the lower to the upper area for Norsk Hydro.

- I do not know if I have been so good at strategy, but my gut feeling has probably been important and correct about what was going to happen.  We have managed to be at the forefront of a lot, and have achieved a good development.

After operating revenues of NOK 8.5 million in the year 2000, the turnover in Terje Halsan AS increased sharply for many years, not least due to many large assignments when REC Wafer greatly expanded its production capacity in Glomfjord. In 2005, Halsan's operating revenues ended at 11.8 million, the following year at 25.4 million, and the following years at 32.3 and 45.9 million. In 2009, the company was awarded the Meløy municipality's business prize.

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Meløy was visited by H.M. King Harald V in May 2008. In advance, Halsan was given the task of replacing the Yara sign at the complete fertilizer factory, where the wall was also to be painted, since the royal ship was to dock at the ammonia dock.

Kristen's wife Mona (b. 1962) ran the store with him for many years, as an office worker. Today, the couple's daughter Stine Mari (b. 1981) leads the paperwork in the company, while her son Mattis (b. 19xx) is in the staff of machine operators, and his son Chris-André (b. 1983) currently works as a fisherman.
- Kristen and I got together when I was 17 years old, and many wondered how I managed - he was always at work! But to run this company - it is a lifestyle, and that is how it had to be, otherwise it would not have worked, Mona believes.
- The kids participated in the business from the time they were tiny. And it has probably been an upbringing not exactly like other children. There are a lot of holiday trips that have been canceled as we were to get in the car… .because it was an important customer who called and needed help, she smiles who thus took care of the business at home, with both school work and leisure activities for the three children .

historikk 07-min.jpg

A few years earlier, Halsan and other contractors had spent a whole day getting it transported up from the quay. The plate shears from the disused titanium pipe factory were now to be transported to Kilvika for shipping. The 120-tonne colossus became too much for Statnett's machines, and the donning fell to the ground by the swimming pool and into the ditch. Terje Halsan AS did an important job in the demanding process of getting the equipment on the road again.

historikk 09-min.jpg

In December 2009, the couple Kristen and Mona Halsan met nicely dressed in the municipal council hall at Ørnes. The company was awarded the business award this year. Kristen still remembers the nervousness during the short and well-formulated speech.


Kristen himself turns 70 in 2022. He loves to go to work, and continues to do so, as long as his health is as good as it is now. Trying to take some free, then.
- What is most important to teach the employees?
- That they must do what is required. In this company, it is not possible to 'just' be a truck driver - you have to do what the company needs, whether it is jogging with a chainsaw or standing in the ditch when a drain is dug. You have to do what is best for the company and for the customer, that's how it must be!

historikk 08-min.jpg

Heavy, cramped and complicated - thats the way Halsan's experienced drivers like it. Here, a 16-tonne wafer saw is lifted into place in the REC factory. The load was so heavy that the concrete floor gave way under the wheels. Later, Halsan also used airbag technology to maneuver the violent saws.

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